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Sharpen The Mind Basic 

10 Module program for children ages 5 & 6 
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You're never too young to be a great student, you're never too old to be a better one. 
Sharpen The Mind Basic Regularly priced @ $257
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Here's What You'll Get:
  • In module ONE, you'll see as your child performs these exercises daily, an increase in self-confidence each day
  • In module TWO, you’ll learn how to help your child develop perseverance, the right attitude, and respect. 
  • In module THREE, you’ll learn how to teach your child the value of priorities, responsibilities, goals, success, and being flexible. 
  • In module FOUR, you’ll learn how to teach your child how to focus and concentrate even after making a mistake. With better concentration and focus, your child can improve his mental processing speed and finish homework faster
  • In module FIVE, you’ll learn how to develop your child’s response to stress. Self-induced anxiety and stress are pretty common with children with ADHD  
  • In module SIX, you’ll learn how to teach your child how to prioritize tasks and develop better study habits as well. At this stage, you’ve already seen some improvement in your child’s cognitive abilities.
  • In module SEVEN, you’ll learn how to teach your child how to control his or her behavior. These exercises will help your child build self-esteem and interact normally with other kids his or her age. 
  • In module EIGHT, you’ll learn how to teach your child the importance of believing he or she will succeed. Success comes from within too and believing you can succeed can help you achieve even what you thought was impossible. 
  • In module NINE, you’ll be strengthening the values you’ve taught your child while doing these exercises. You’ll help build your child through the exercises no matter how hard it is to master. 
  • In module TEN, you’ll be doing final exercises to maximize your child’s cognitive development. These exercises will help your child read, write, and do homework with fewer struggles. 
  • You'll receive (1 Year Unlimited Access, 55 Basic Cognitive Skills Exercises, Level ages 5 & 6
  • Online Instruction Manual, Breakdown For Each Exercise, Weekly Activities Module Checklist, Daily Report Form, 
  • Program Equipment & Materials, Free Shipping. 
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Guaranteed:  We are 100% committed to your success. We are so confident that ADHD learning pathways Sharpen The Mind online program will be a life-changing experience for you that we offer a no-risk 30-day guarantee. If you feel that it didn’t add any value to your life, simply let us know and send the Materials back within the 30 days and we will refund your money. 
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